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My name is cindy.  As you can tell from the title of my little place here, I can be a bit strange.  But my friends tell me it's a "good" strange.  I like to believe them on that. At least it makes me feel better when I do.

I have two passions in my life.  Other then those I love that is.  The first is Dragons.  I love the imagery of Medieval Dragons.  To my unusual mind, they represent fearsome loyalty and protection.  I have a pretty good size tattoo of a dragon on my back.  I hope to get more, but I have to make sure it's the right one.  Not all dragons are the right ones.  And it has to be in the right place.  All in good time.  It took about three years for me to decide on the one that I have on my back....I can wait a while for another one.

Another passion that I have in my life is writing.  I love to write.  I've been told that I'm pretty good at it.  I help friends as often as I can with whatever writing projects they have.  It seems to come naturally to me to use words to get a certain point across.  There are so many different ways to say the same thing....and I can spend hours on one sentence to make sure it comes out just the right way. 

I would like to use this place to show off some of my writing.  I have a couple of stories that I am trying to get published.  I am very proud of my stories and have been told that they are pretty good.  I also am working on getting some more stories written.  I tend to write horror and medieval style stories.  The human mind is a source of incredible horror sometimes.

Please enjoy yourself on this site and feel free to email with suggestions or comments :-)

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